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 Our candles and accessories will help you create an atmosphere of faith, love, and hope to your church and allow you to grow your religious community

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✨ By lighting our candles you will create a special atmosphere of faith, growth, and divine love in your church allowing you to stand out. For us, a candle is not just a piece of wax.  We put our heart and soul on making this candles specially for you 

Grow Your Community

👥 Candles have the power to connect people, give them hope and wisdom, as well as experience the sacraments of life. Choose our candles and let us help you grow your community 👥

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🕯️ Get best quality candles, accessories  and religious goods in one place. We will make your life easier. Let us take care of your church supplies while you are busy stewarding the higher mission 🕯️

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Our high-quality products will lead your church to success ✨

✅ High-quality candles that make every liturgy, mass, or sacrament  divine and special

✅ Accessories and church supplies for every religious event--all found in one place

✅ World-class service, advice, and fast delivery

✅ Easy and convenient ways to order


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Why Wolf Candle?

Whether you want to expand your Parish, create an atmosphere of faith and growth in your church, or make your religious community stand out in your neighborhood, Wolf Candle will help you get where you want to go. 


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✅ High-quality candles and accessories

✅ World-class service, advising, and delivery

✅ One-stop place to buy everything you need to grow your church

✅ A chance to help your local business to continue improving


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Let us be your source for candles and accessories with our proven track record of successful and satisfied customers.


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⛔ Your candles will break or stop burning in the middle of a sacramental ceremony

⛔ Your candles will burn out too fast

⛔ You will pay more than you need to

⛔ You will have inefficient and expensive shipping 

⛔ You will have to contact multiple companies to keep your church supplies full

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✨ Choose your votive candles in the colors you prefer to brighten up your church ✨

Wolf Candle’s mission is to support our religious communities and clergy by offering the highest quality religious products for the celebration of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

We continuously strive to provide our customers with a reliable ordering and delivery system.

📍 246 Mars Valencia Rd. Mars, PA 16046

☎️ 1-800-218-4948 

📩 [email protected]

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