Our Story

For over 60 years, Wolf Candle has been an industry-leading, company renowned for its high quality candles. Our tradition of excellence, along with a genuine commitment to customer satisfaction and service has defined and fueled Wolf Candle’s strong brand loyalty.

Currently producing over 2 million candles annually, each Wolf Candle is carefully handcrafted using processes mastered through three generations of craftsmanship.

It is our goal to supply you with candles of the highest quality and lead the market in customer service and value.

Mission Statement

To serve our customers and treat each person who contacts us as if they are our only customer.

Through our efforts, it is our mission to create meaningful relationships with our religious communities, their clergy and our employees by fostering an environment where faith and opportunity grow.


“Living Legacy”

Thousands of dollars of flowers are discarded every week by a Funeral Home somewhere in the United States. In lieu of flowers it is traditional give a Chasuble or Chalice as a Memorial gift to a family in memory of a loved one. This is an excellent idea, as the family will donate your gift to their parish Church. The Church may keep the Chasuble, or it may be sent to a Catholic Missionary here or overseas. Either way your gift will be a much needed donation to the church, and good use will be made of it.

VESTMENTS & CIBORIA: Give a Chasuble or Chalice in memory of a loved one. ETERNAL LIFE: Memorial Gifts can enable God’s work long after a loved one has passed, and continue what they represented while alive. Your gift can become a “Living Legacy”.

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Highest quality religious products for the celebration of our Lord, Jesus Christ.